Thursday, August 03, 2017

It Is Not Death To Die - Sovereign Grace

It's hard not to be moved at the pageantry of a full military funeral. The colors, the symbolism, the honor caused my heart to swell in gratitude. Even the very aged soldiers who were preforming the ceremony made me proud. I kept wondering why I couldn't hold myself together. Mr. Alonso was a kind-hearted, Korean War combat veteran with numerous medals, but I barely knew him. Then I realized, he and everyone of these men offered up their lives to die for my freedom and the freedom of our country. He was willing to die.

The next day, as I continued listening through John Piper's sermons, I came across the sermon entitled "Let the Nations Be Glad." I almost skipped it because I know the message and that God hasn't called me to leave my home to pursue full time missions to another culture. I was thinking, "Oh that sermon isn't for me." But for some reason, I listened. At the end of the sermon, I was fighting tears again. Why was I so emotional? Piper asked those in his audience who were called to full time cross-cultural missions to stand. I realized at that moment that those people were pledging to lay down their lives, their homes, their comforts to tell others the Good News. They were giving their very lives to share Christ. They were willing to die.

What is that like? What is my life? Do I give my life for any noble cause? If I don't lay down myself for the cause of Christ, then my life is wasted. Laying my life down doesn't look the same as war veterans or missionaries to Africa. But it should look differently from the lost world around me.

I'm a stay-at-home wife and mom who homeschools. That may look easy to those who've not looked at it closely and it requires a lot of me laying down my life for others. A  conference asking me to stand for everyone to clap for my service will not be necessary. A funeral where my coffin is draped in a flag won't happen either. But, I hope that in the end of my life, someone will be moved by my example to know that dying to serve others is a life well lived. I am willing to die.

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